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​​Matt works as a passionate director, regardless of the size of the projects. He graduated his film and animation studies and then he worked for several agencies and companies in commercials, advertising and feature films.


In exchange with client and agency he works with tact and sensitivity on every idea. He prefers to work with people, focusing on their story. Because every story deserves to be told authentically and emotionally.


He is attracted by emotional, motivating, or dramatic stories that are tailor-made for the respective customer and product.

Whether it is creating commercials, advertisements, directing a scene, conducting interviews, or creating social media content, the essential thing for him is to tell a story and explain the background and reasons for it.

He loves art and fashion and also pays great attention to the visual realization and strength of the images in his projects. But telling stories using moving images is not the only important thing for him. 


Matt loves to travel to distant lands. He documents his impressions using analogue photography in 35mm and medium format – almost exclusively in black and white. Melancholia and honesty play an essential role in his photography and stories. 


Matt is working as a director and directing-dp.

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